Harmony test

The Harmony Test is a non-invasive prenatal test that can be carried out after 10 weeks of pregnancy. It is a blood test that analyses the DNA from the baby that circulates in the mother’s blood. This test has a detection rate of 99% for Down syndrome. The test is also useful for the detection of Edward’s and Patau’s syndrome as well as conditions affecting the sex chromosomes X and Y. Although the Harmony test is good for screening several key chromosomal conditions, it does not rule out all fetal abnormalities. At GCRM-Belfast, the Harmony blood test includes an ultrasound scan, and costs £480. You will be seen by Dr Stephen Ong, who is a Fetal Medicine Consultant and highly skilled in ultrasound. Unlike other units in Belfast, we have the ability to make a referral for further testing (such as amniocentesis), in the event that your test is abnormal.

You can opt for a one-off ultrasound scan or have our comprehensive scan packages.