Ultrasound Scans

  1. Pregnancy scans at 12 weeks. This allows you to see your baby for the first time. It gives us the opportunity to ensure that it is in the correct place (in the womb), to check your baby’s heart rate and to determine how many babies you are having. It also allows us to calculate how many weeks pregnant you are.
  2. Detailed normality/structural scans. This checks that your baby looks normal on scan. We examine the anatomy in detail, insofar as ultrasound will allow us. We can assess the gender of your baby, although ultrasound is not 100% accurate in confirming the sex of your baby.
  3. Growth scans. This monitors your baby’s growth. The amount of amniotic fluid, the position of the placenta and the flow in the umbilical cord (Doppler ultrasound) are also assessed at this time.
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Ultra Sound Couple